David Livingston

March 2010

New York artist David Livingston was turned away from the New Museum after attempting to enter the building wearing a six-foot-long flaccid pink felt penis. Video of the stunt, dubbed Big Dick and part of series of such performances Livingston has been executing in “various New York neighborhoods,” has gained Livingston a definite following, though as it happens the clip is relatively uneventful — the artist marches casually in, and is turned away by a guard, who warns him, “Sir, you have to check that package.”

Writing to the Bowery Boogie website, Livingston explained his motivations: “I am fascinated by my sudden transformation from anonymous pedestrian to attention-grabbing street performer.” Well, having a six-foot penis will do that! As for the New Museum, the institution clarified its policy, via Twitter, to Artnet: “re: enormous package, Museum policy requires visitors to check backpacks + all items larger than 11 × 17 inches.”


The Big Dick Series